REFUNDS and our subsidiary websites are e-commerce training websites. Once your credit card or check payment has been placed in our system it will stay on your account until you use it to take any specific course. Once you take the course there is NO refund. If you have taken the wrong course, you must notify us within 24 hours so that we can credit your account back the funds so that you can take the correct course. If you have made a payment to your account via check or credit card and have not used your funds to take any course you have 30 days to notify us in writing for a full refund. If your funds stay on your account for greather than 30 days, there will be NO refund. However, your payment credit will stay on your account until you use them in the future or transfer them to another employee or person to take the course. Any transfer of funds must also be made in writing via email to our support email.


Privacy: Contractor Orientation Inc. (CTOR) and its subsidiaries which include:,,,, EverythingRailroad, and our portal entry points to be known in this document as (CTOR) is devoted to creating and nurturing a trusting relationship with its Customers, built on the knowledge that any personal information collected is kept private and secure. In undertaking this commitment, CTOR will do everything in its capacity to ensure that the integrity of its Customer's privacy is upheld.

Information Collected: CTOR uses various methods of data collection for ordering and support purposes. These methods include voluntary collection methods, such as through online registration forms, online and offline customer communications, and sales transactions, as well as automated collection systems such as communication protocols and cookies.

The personal information collected by CTOR from Customers varies depending on the method of collection. Personal Identifying Information is collected voluntarily through the use of forms and for the use of the registration and billing of the Customer. This information may include name, title, address, phone number, birthday, and e-mail address. Automated means of collection, such as cookies and/or log files, are used to collect information about the use of CTOR as well as user preferences and privileges.

Automated Information Collection: CTOR uses common automated information collection systems such as cookies and log files to facilitate the connection between the Customer's computer and the CTOR sites. There are two types of cookies (pieces of data stored on the user's computer) used by CTOR: Session cookies and Persistent cookies. These cookies serve to uniquely identify each user, as well as store session and user-specific settings and preferences in or between user sessions. Cookies do not contain personally identifiable information, and, while CTOR doesn't offer an option to opt-out of cookies, browsers provide tools to monitor and control the acceptance, duration, and use of cookies.

CTOR also makes use of log files in order to track information such as internet protocol (IP) addresses, browser type, internet service provider (ISP), platform type and date/time stamps. Included in the log files, CTOR gathers information that can be used in trend analysis, administration of the site, and overall demography tracking; this information is gathered through the counting of clicks and not linked to personally identifiable information.

Use of Information: CTOR uses collected information for a variety of purposes. These purposes include completing transactions for service, to best respond to user support or sales inquiries, to notify or alert customers of events relevant to their service, and to better accommodate the overall needs of CTOR customers. To this end, CTOR may need to share some of the data collected with banking institutions, Railroads, or trusted affiliates.

Information collected by CTOR may also be used to evaluate the adequacy of current systems of marketing and sales, as well as provide insight into the effectiveness of potential changes within these systems. Under no circumstances will CTOR share this information with a third party for compensation or for free, unless the Customer specifically authorizes the disclosure. Aggregate, anonymous data collected may be used by CTOR in discussion and/or correspondence with investors and potential partners. This data is statistical in nature, and will not include personally identifiable information. If the ownership is changed, information collected by CTOR may be transferred to the new owners.

Security: Because CTOR considers the security of Customer's information paramount, CTOR utilizes industry standard security measures to protect Customer Data from unauthorized access. These measures, which include policies, employee training, and physical access, as well as system protocols and mechanisms, contribute to the secure exchange and transmission of sensitive data. Particularly sensitive information, such as credit card numbers collected for financial transactions, is encrypted before its transmission to CTOR by the Customer.

While CTOR takes the utmost care in preserving the security of its Customer's information, it is important to note that we cannot guarantee that the loss, misuse, or alteration of this data will not occur. In the event of such an occurrence CTOR will notify the affected individual of the transgression by email, fax, or, if necessary, U.S. Mail. Notification will be provided promptly, unless it stands to impede on a criminal investigation, in which case CTOR may have to wait until such a notification is not foreseen to compromise the investigation.

Special Offers and Updates: From time to time CTOR Customers may receive promotions for new products, services, or deals. Contractor Orientation LLC respects the privacy of its Customers, and has included an opt-out option for these emails.

Service Announcements: In the event that a Customer's service is going to be effected by scheduled or unscheduled maintenance, it may be necessary to send out a strictly service-related announcement. These emails are not optional, however they are intended to act as a professional notification rather than promotional.

Legal Disclaimer: CTOR is dedicated to maintaining the integrity of its Customer's privacy, in the event of suspected or reported fraudulent and/or illegal behavior while using the services of CTOR resulting in, or probable to result in, a subpoena, court order, or another applicable legal process it may be necessary to disclose personal information. In the case of the aforementioned, CTOR will notify the Customer of the information request and, if deemed necessary, submission.

Customer Responsibility: It is the responsibility of the Customer to securely store their login information, such as usernames and passwords, or any other information necessary to access their private information maintained within the CTOR sites.

It should be noted that there are programs, such as key-loggers and viruses, that can intercept this information from the computers used to access your CTOR account. Caution should be taken when using computers other than your own, especially on those used by a number of other users, such as in public.