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Keolis Commuter Services has created an easy user, friendly way to register for our Contractor RWP Training. What is RWP? “Roadway Workers Protection”, which is required training and certification for all Roadway Workers and Contractors to have when performing any work and inspecting on and around the railroad tracks. All contractors that email our will by auto reply be redirected to navigate to our online registration website. To register for Keolis RWP training go to There you will be able to register for a virtual training class on the available dates shown on the monthly training calendar once you create your profile. Any contractor looking to take Keolis RWP for the first time will be required to take the initial virtual online live Keolis instructor lead training through “Microsoft Teams App”. Any contractor that is renewing their RWP contractor certification and has taken the live instructor lead RWP training within one year of their expiration date will be eligible to take the online renewal training. Any contractor that has an expired certification card beyond 30 days of their expiration date will be required to re-take the initial RWP training. To access the renewal training first register your company and employees at then contact in order to have your existing live training completion input into the system.

Tim Kirrane

Engineering Training Manager


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